Add Zombies

* "Gone With the Zombie"
Scarlett O'Hara turns into a zombie and starts munching on Rhett Butler's brain. Do you give a damn NOW, Rhett?

* "Moldy Dick"
Call me Fishmeal. In the whale's stomach, zombie Ahab reunites with his missing leg and kicks some whale tail!

* William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Braaaaaaaiiins!"

* "Don Quixote of the Dead"
The addled old gentleman roams the countryside tilting at zombies.

* "Walking Death of a Salesman"
Run, Biff, run!

* "A Farewell to Arms (and Legs and Torsos and...)"

* "Wuthering Bites"
Gore on the moor.

* "The Importance of Beating Ernest ... and Eating His Brain"

* Dickens' "Gray Expectorations"
Chapter 1: Wherein I am born, suffer grievously and die, come back to life and meet a fine gentleman, who tastes delicious

* "Brain Eyre"

* "They Ate Gatsby"

* Salinger's "Franny and Zombie"

* "Bride's Head Revisited"

* Tolstoy's "Anna Crania"

* "Lady Chatterly's Medulla"

* "Cerebellum, Plain and Tall"

* "Breakfast of Tiffanys"
Some of the less-successful offerings:

Body and Clyde
Woman props up dead boyfriend in car to use carpool lane.

A Hard Day's Fright
The dawning of really scary hairdos

It's A Wonderful After Life
Man wishes he was never born, meets angel, likes the whole wings-and-clouds thing, stays.

The Man-chewing Candidate
He does it HIS way.

Shakespeare in My Lobe
The Ultimate Cure for writer's block.

Hearse Driver
Are you lookin' at me?

Singin' in the Brain
Song gets stuck in head for all eternity.

S.T. the SubTerrestrial
I need to bury this one deep in the list.

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