Немецкий Бэтман

Find the English equivalents of the following words in the text:

выбросился, попытка, праздничный, 677,7 метров, потерял равновесие, зд. Однако это не означает, что; не помешала его падению, с тяжёлыми травмами головы, свидетели.

Man threw himself out with Xmas tree

A German man threw himself out of a third story window along with a Christmas tree during a late-night attempt to take down his festive decorations.
The man fell 22 feet after he lost his balance. Unfortunately, the tree did not break the victim's fall.
"There's a TV advert showing people having fun throwing their old Christmas trees out the window," said police spokesman Willy Thevessen. "But you're not supposed to jump with them."
The man was taken to hospital with severe head injuries after eyewitnesses saw him fall.

Task 2: Look up your Russian-English dictionary for the word “придурок” and use it in at least 2 sentences of your own.

Task 3: Guess the word by its definition:

1.to try to do something that is difficult, dangerous, or has never been done before (it's a verb)
2.looking or feeling bright and cheerful in a way that seems suitable for celebrating something (it's an adjective)
3.very bad, or serious enough for you to worry about (it's an adjective)

Запомню назло всем or Bear in Mind
Difference between storey, story, floor

Storey (BrE) or story (AmE) is usually used to talk about the structure of a building

• a building dozens of storeys high
• a three-storey house

The plural of story is stories
• The office block was 20 stories high.

To talk about where someone or something is in a building, use floor

• We went up to the top floor and saw his dead body lying in a pool of blood int the hall.
• She works on the fifteenth floor, but you can pick up Cindy. We've got lots of them in our 20-storey building.
• Is there a bathroom on this floor?

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