Сам себе доктор (Малахов)

Постарайтесь запомнить эти слова и, естественно, прочитать научную статью ниже:

to diagnose – ставить диагноз

condition – состояние

to blurt out – выпаливать

A girl of 10 diagnosed herself with Asperger's Syndrome while reading a children's book on autism.
Rosie King, whose brother Lenny, six, was diagnosed autistic aged two, was looking at The Little Rain Man so she could understand his condition.
Mum Sharon, 38, from Wakefield, told the Daily Mirror: "When it came to a section on Asperger's, Rosie blurted out 'I think this might be me'. We couldn't believe it."
Doctors later diagnosed Rosie after a year-long process.
She said: "I like having Asperger's, it makes me different."

Запомню назло всем:

Verbs may be TRANSITIVE in one meaning and INTRANSITIVE in the other

She writes to me She writes with a pencil

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