Drunk man unaware of knife in back

A Russian electrician who spent a night with a ten-inch kitchen knife in his back only realised when he got home and his wife saw it.
A drinking pal of Yuri Laylin, 53, plunged the knife into his back after playing a variation on Russian roulette during a boozy night out in Vologda.In the game, a blindfolded pal was given a knife and made random stabbing motions as his pals danced around him after drinking large amounts of vodka.
Yuri said he had no idea his pal had actually stabbed him and did not feel any pain when he went home. He only realised what had happened when his wife saw him on the bed with the knife in his back and called an ambulance. He said: "We had a few vodkas and I remember playing some silly games and someone had a large knife. I came home, went to sleep as usual and woke up when my wife started screaming. Only then did I realise what had happened."
Doctors who treated him said the knife had gone four inches into his back but had missed vital organs. It was removed and Yuri was sent home soon after. One of the doctors who treated him said: "The alcohol he drank must have acted as an anaesthetic, otherwise he would have been in great pain." His alleged attacker reported the crime to the police himself. Yuri meanwhile apparently feels fine and bears no ill-will.

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