Today's bonehead award goes to Linda Stewart 39 of Columbia Tennessee. This story was reported by the Associated Press today.
Stewart's husband, of just 2 months, fell asleep in bed the night before with a lit cigarette which left a burn hole in the bed. If she hadn't caught it the house might have burnt down.
So Stewart, being a bonehead, thought hard about how she could prove to her husband just how serious this problem is. So to prevent her house from being burned down so carelessly she put a lit cigarette on the bed the next day and left the house just to show her husband what could happen.
About the only thing Stewart had left after that was the satisfaction of saying "I told you so" because the house completely burned down. Which was a relief now that she could show her husband the error of his way so that he doesn't burn down the house.
She was arrested for arson. Of course if she convinces herself that she was just trying to show what happens to people who purposely burn down houses then I guess it may have been the right thing to do, to her way of thinking. Or maybe not. Does anyone understand this woman?

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