Fear-related Idioms

Прочитайте предложения 1-10. Что означают выделенные словосочетания?
1. I thought there was no one in the house. When you started talking to me, I got scared to death.
2. I get goose bumps every time I think about going bungee-jumping.
3. She broke into cold sweat when she saw a snake next to her foot.
4. My blood turned cold when I heard the sound of screeching tires. The driver lost control over his car that was spinning on an ice patch.
5. That devil mask with blood drippings sent chills down my spine.
6. I was so focused on watching the movie that when the phone rang I nearly jumped out of skin.
7. The little girl was shaking a leaf during the thunderstorm.
8. When the principal asked who broke the window, the boy looked like a deer caught in headlights.
9. He turned as white as a ghost when a police car stopped by his building.
10. My hair stood on end as I watched a mountain climber hanging off the cliff.
Новые идиомы:
1. scared to death - испугаться до смерти
2. goose bumps - гусиная кожа
3. broke into cold sweat - прошибло холодным потом
4. blood turned cold - кровь застыла
5. send chills down my spine - пошла дрожь по коже (дословно: по позвоночнику)
6. jump out of skin - выскочить из шкуры (от страха)
7. shaking like a leaf - дрожать как лист
8. looked like a deer caught in headlights - выглядеть как напуганный олень (дословно: как олень попавший под свет фар)
9. as white as a ghost - белый как приведение
10. hair stood on end - волосы дыбом встали (от страха)

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