Hubby ditches wife

Task 1. Find the English equivalents for the following Russian words. (they all can be found in the article below) Try to remember the words so that they “отлетали от зубов”. But let it not discourage you – the words to learn are all in bold type in the text.

“бросать (кого-л)” (2 слова), отплатить, пожертвовать, своячница, последнее средство, идеально подходить, операция (сокращенно), сбежать с.

A husband has repaid the wife who donated a kidney to save his life - by dumping her for her sister-in-law. John Jewell, 53, of Woodley, Berks, has left wife of 33 years Carol to move in with her brother's wife. Town mayor Carol, also 53, did not hesitate when John was seriously ill. Doctors had been unable to find a donor and tested Carol as a last resort. She was a perfect match and the op went ahead. Now John has returned Carol's kindness by running off with Marilyn Edmeades. Carol said: "I'm more upset than anything else. But I'm trying to look forward not back."

Task 2. Try to guess the words by their definitions:

1.the organs in your body that take waste matter from your blood and send it out of your body as urine; delay doing something
3.go on, proceed
4.the quality of being gentle, caring, and helpful
5.unhappy or disappointed because something unpleasant has happened to you

Discussing the Article:

1. Do you think the man should be punished for what he has done to his wife? If yes, what would be his best punishment in your humble opinion? Don’t forget to put a ;( - smilie at the end of your long rant.

2. Do you agree with the Russian proverb “Да, мы бабы – дуры.” ?

Any feedback is not so much welcome as beneficial to language acquisition. (Вот тут с последней фразой я явно намутил.)

P.S. Несколько слов по-русски: ...

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