Purple Patches

He did almost nothing. Nothing at all; but it was generally understood that his knowledge of the science was almost awful in its profundity.
"Even such a thing as this", said he laying the forefinger of his left hand upon the brown paper patch on the top of his head," slight casual boldness though it be, reminds us that we are but"- he was going to say "worms", but recollecting that worms weren't remarkable for heads of hair, substituted "flesh and blood".
Then there was N., very dark and very hairy, and apparently born for no particular purpose but to save looking-glasses the trouble of reflecting more than just the first idea and sketchy notion of a face, which had never been carried out.
[blushing]… people have that feature provided for them without being first consulted.
At length, he divested himself of his great coat, but wasn’t a whit more conversational out of it than in it.
For all his cruelty he had better in his infancy have been fed to suffocation by his mother than preserved to this time.
From his early habits of considering everything as a question of property, he had gradually come to look, with impatience, on his parent as a certain amount of personal estate, which had no right whatever to be going at large, but ought to be secured in that particular description of an iron safe which is commonly called a coffin, banked in the grave.
[And then]… entered the boy with no nose to speak of and was silent rubbing the nose just mentioned.
… with affection beaming in one eye, and calculation chining out of the other.
He asked him distinctly, before the second song began – as a personal favour, mark the villain in that, not to play.
To say that … would be only to relate so many matters to no purpose.

Can you translate the following?

1.They were all poisoned and embittered by mutual distrust and suspicion.
2.The last two years had them in New York.
3.He didn’t say more than he ever had the courage and ability to back up in reality.
4.The best way to hide is to stick out, because it runs counterintuitive to human nature.
5.Since he threw his support her way he was automatically lumped with her as the enemy.
6.His emotional barometer had dropped to its lowest point.
7.He had been quite the ladies man in his younger days. Now in his sixties, rumor had it he still allowed his smaller head to control his larger one.

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