Sleep Idioms

Прочитайте предложения 1-10. Что означают выделенные фразовые глаголы?
1. My daughter has asked my permission to sleep over at her friend’s house tonight.
2. I drifted off listening to the steady beat of the train wheels.
3. I drew the curtains, made a cup of hot chocolate and started to listen to music to help me wind down after today’s hectic day in the office.
4. Today is my day off. I can finally sleep in!
5. Little Danny was so tired that he fell asleep as soon as he boarded the plane. He slept through the takeoff and most of the flight.
6. I wake up at 7:00 am when my alarm-clock rings. I don’t get up right away indulging in bed for another 10-15 minutes.
7. I’ve worked two night shifts in a row and need to catch up on sleep.
8. My friend has just crashed out on my sofa. She’s probably had too many drinks.
9. I need to sleep off my migraine. I hope it’ll go away after a couple of hours of rest.
Новые фразовые глаголы:
• sleep over - остаться (гостем) переночевать
• drift off - задремать
• wind down - успокаиваться
• sleep in - спать дольше обычного
• sleep through - не заметить что-либо сквозь сон, проспать что-либо
• get up - вставать
• catch up - нагнать (упущенный сон)
• crash out - отрубиться (от усталости или подвыпитого состояния)
• wake up - просыпаться
• sleep off – отоспаться (чтобы лучше себя чувствовать)

Ответьте на вопросы:
* What age should kids be allowed to sleep over at their friends’ houses?
* What makes you drift off?
* Do you sleep in on the weekend?
* How do you wind down after work?
* Have your ever slept through New Year’s Eve?
* Do you get up right after you wake up?
* Have you ever crashed out in a taxi?
* Can you sleep off the effects of a jetlag?

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