Spoiled Breakfast

Finish the story about the spoiled breakfast using the following words and combinations:
It's early morning. The hands of the clock point to 6.30. The street is wrapped in darkness. Day has not yet broken. But, anyway, it's time we were getting up.
And this is what you call getting up at cockorow. Soon all our family will be going to work.
Now, suppose I get up first, put on the cattle and prepare breakfast while I'm about it. I jump out of bed, grope for my slippers, thrust my feet into them and make for the switch to turn on the light. I reach out for the switch. It's supposed to be here, but strange as it may seem I can't find the thing. I run my fingers over the wall but to no avail. Where's that switch, I wonder? It couldn't possibly have travelled about the wall! Here it is! The switch give a faint click as I turn on the light and the room leaps out of darkness. There I see my brother still fast asleep with his face towards the wall, the greater part of his blanket trailing over the floor. It's too early to wake him the more so because he turned in very late last night: finished eating mom's supper around midnight. I had better plug in the desk lamp not to disturb him. The orange-coloured shade makes the light pleasant to the eye. I walk up to the switch and then the room is thrown into semi-darkness as I press the button in the lamp base. Suddenly I hear the sound of an alarm-clock going off and next moment I feel that something is wrong. I don't hear my brother's breathing. I touch his shoulder and OH SHIT!!! His eyes are open and he's all in blood!!! Oh bother! It looks as if I'm not going to have any breakfast this morining. 
Finish the story about the spoiled breakfast using the following words and combinations:
1. to sit up late
2. a hard nut to crack
3. set your favourite cd going
4. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee
5. It's no good working on an empty stomach
6. You can't do better than
7. The milk will keep me going till lunchtime
8. Don't wait dinner for me.
9. I'll forage for myself somehow

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