Funeral Sounds - Post One

Have you ever wanted to make a list of the songs you'd like to be played at your funeral party? If not, you'd better not be following this Label called "Funeral Sounds". FS is all about the works of art I consider appropriate to be played or performed during or after my funeral. These sounds are represented by my favourite music videos taken from youtube and other major portals. Some of these songs have actually been used by me in teaching EFL students.
Post 1 - The Metro
I'm a great lover of subways (or underground). Maybe it's because we don't have metro here in my hometown. I've used it for like 20 times in my whole life and, every single time I used it I was singing this song! I swear!

Oops! I was actually singing this one, it's one of the rare cases when the cover version is way too better than the original. And being performed by crazy guys of Armenian extraction is an added bonus.

EFL Activity: fill in the spaces using the right preposition: along, for, in, on, over, through, to, with

I'm alone, sitting ____ my broken glass
My four walls follow me _______ my past
I was __ a Paris train
I emerged __ London rain
And you waiting there swimming _______ apologies
I remember searching ___ the perfect words
I was hoping you might change your mind
I remember the soldier standing next __ me
Riding __ the Metro
I was smiling as you took my hand
Saw the mood we spoke __ France
You were passed as shallow word
It isn't passed there's still a hurt
You were passed as shallow word
It isn't passed there's still a hurt
I can see you now smiling as I pulled away..
I remember the letter wrinkled __ my hand
"'Ill love you always" filled my eyes
I remember the night we walked _____ the Seine
Riding __ the Metro
I remember a feeling coming ____ me
The soldier turned, then walked away
F**k you ___ loving me
Riding __ the Metro

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