Real Estate Vocabulary

Прочитайте предложения 1-8. Что означают выделенные словосочетания?

1. We hired a reputable home inspection company to check on the house. They found some major problems such as a leaking roof and old electrical wiring.
2. The listing price of the house was $370 000. But because many families liked the house, they offered to pay over the asking price. Because of the bidding wars we weren’t able to buy this house.
3. We knew that with renovated bathroom and kitchen the sale value of the house will go up.
4. Andrew is our second real estate agent, The first one was too pushy.
5. The commercial properties owners pay a lot more in taxes than their residential properties counterparts.
6. The open house on our street attracted many people and there was no where to park a car at that time.
7. When Tim and Elen downsized, they gave away all the furniture that wouldn’t fit into their new apartment.
8. They upgraded to a 4 bedroom bungalow last month. The house seemed a castle after their old 2 bedroom townhouse.
Новые словосочетания:
1. home inspection - инспекция дома (проверка систем отопления, канализации; крыши и т.д. перед покупкой недвижимости)
2. listing price - цена недвижимости согласно списку, распечатке, объявлению
3. bidding wars - ставки/многочисленные предложения от покупателей на недвижимость
4. upgrade the house - поменять меньшую площадь дома на большую
5. downsize - поменять большую площадь дома на меньшую
6. sale value - стоимость продажи
7. open house - дом, квартира и т.д. на продажу предоставленный/открытый для посещений/осмотра
8. real estate agent - агент по продаже/покупке недвижимости
9. commercial properties - коммерческая недвижимость
10. residential properties - жилая недвижимость

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