Subjuctive and Conditional Patterns

1. But for … smb would (could, might) have done / do smth … - без, за исключением, кроме, если бы не …, то …
  • But for your help we should not have finished in time. — Без вашей помощи мы не закончили бы вовремя.
  • But for that your uncle would have been dead long ago.
If it had not been for (if it was not for)
2. if only smb did (have done) smth … -
3. Suppose smb (do) have done smth - в повелит. наклонении выражает предложение :
  • suppose we go to the cinema! — а не пойти ли нам в кино?
  • Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously. For Moses, he knowses his toeses aren't roses as Moses supposes his toeses to be!
4. I wish smb did (have done) smth – (could, would) didn’t go there tomorrow
5. If smb were to do smth, smb would do smth …  If smb would do smth, smb would do smth …
6. If smb should say smth, smb will do smth … Should smb say smth smb will do smth
7. It looks as if smb did (had done) smth – кажется, что к-т ч-т сделал
  • seems
  • is, was, will be
8. It’s high time smb did (had done) smth …- давно пора ( что-то сделать )
  • It is high time for John Browning to be promoted to full professor; he has written a great deal but his books went unnoticed.
9. It isn’t as if smb did (had done) smth
  • wasn’t
  • won’t be
  • It won’t be as if you were a party of it. – Ведь ты же не будешь участвовать в этом.
10 . To think you should have done this to me !

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