Task: Read the text. Substitute the Russian words in red for those coming below the article. Memorize the highlighted words. Retell the story in the presence of your grandparents.
Family and friends at the funeral of George Ramsbottom in Honley, West Yorkshire, were потрясённый when his brother, Frank, stood up in the church and told everyone that his brother would not be missed.
Describing his brother as самый подлый (ничтожный) he had ever met, he went on перечислять all the people who would be glad to know that George had died, and gave the причины why.
He claimed that George was a liar, a cheat, a бабник and a drunk. "He owed money to half the people in the village; he had ruined a number of marriages; and he was often крайне, очень rude без особых на то причин.. No one will be sad that he has gone." said Frank Ramsbottom.
Mr Ramsbottom's unexpected speech was followed by мертвецкая тишина. Eventually Margaret Dudley, the minister in charge of the service, stood to say, "Let us give thanks for George's life with our final song." She then sang on her own while everyone else stood in silence. The service ended shortly afterwards. 

to list, the meanest man, reasons, stunned, womanizer, incredibly, complete silence, for no good reason
Tricky Question: How would you translate the word "minister" into Russian [as is used in the article]? 

In your country:
1. When someone dies, what happens to their body?
a. It is buried. b.It is cremated. c. Something else
2. Where do funeral ceremonies take place?
a. In a church b. At a shrine c. Somewhere else
3. Who usually attends funerals?
a. Only men b. Men and women c. Anyone
4. What colour do people wear to signify death?
a. Black b.White c. A different color
5. What do people usually do at funerals?
a. Cry openly and express strong emotions. b. Keep their emotions under control. c. Try not to cry, but cry quietly if they cannot help it.
When you die, would you prefer to be buried or cremated?
Discuss the questions below:
1. Was Frank Ramsbottom right to make the speech?
2. "You should never speak ill of the dead." Do you agree ?
3. Can you bury someone in their garden in your country?
4. Can you scatter their ashes wherever you like?
5. How would you feel if your next-door neighbors buried their grandmother in their back garden?

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