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Caption Everything with Humor: "

Flight of the Polar Bear

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Smarter than the average bear, waiting for fur seals to emerge from under the ice takes too long so a new approach is called for. This enterprising polar bear seems to have discovered a new source of nom-noms if he can just figure out how to get to them!

Amazing Drinking Bird

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The bird that never stops drinking. When I was a pre-teen I had a clear plastic bird that drank from a cup of water. You wet its beak and position it in front of a cup of water, and it did the rest. Science-theme toy shops had these. The colored water (which contains ether) would rise up the clear neck of the bird and cause it to tip forward and come into contact with the cup, as if drinking. The wetting of the beak caused the fluid to rise, tip over and the bird returned to the upright formal position to repeat itself endlessly. Because of the ether used inside of the glass bird (ether is flammable) these are not considered toys but are science tools. It is like a relative humidity indicator.

Monkeys Have Feelings Too

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These monkeys are taking a nap or maybe a break from each other. This image looks rather sad but I’m sure it’s just our human platitude telling us wrongly.

R2-Kitty Sez to Luke “Replay Message? What Message?”

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Help us Obi-Wan! You’re our last hope!” This cat looks a little like R2-D2 android from Star Wars. This would make a kewl Halloween costume even if it isn’t very comfortable to wear.

She’s Dating Who?

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This reminds me of lyrics from the Joe Jackson song “Is she really going out with him?” The lyrics continue with “…for if my eyes don’t deceive me there’s something going wrong around here!” The Joe Jackson song came out in Sept. 1978 and was the feature track on the album called “Look sharp!” which debuted the following year.

Swedish pop star duo “Roxette” breakthrough album also named “Look Sharp!” which came out in June of 1988 but that was a coincidence of naming the albums.

Evil Trees in the Park

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Have you ever felt that some trees are evil? This one I have no doubt about it.

What are You Going to Dress-up as for Halloween?

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I have friends that dress-up their pets for Halloween. The most-oft seen costume for dogs is of course, a hot dog. Another favorite is a body suit with large dinosaur scales and plates along its spine and spiky tail. –It’s …Dogzilla! Run, – Dogzilla!

Just Washed Your Hare?

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Washing one’s hair does this, it gets all poofy. Blow-drying just makes it worse. Rabbits can make a good pet but there are misconceptions about rabbits as pets. One is that they are low maintenance. This is not true; they require a certain amount of commitment and expense.

Did you know that rabbits can be litter-trained just like cats? They are in fact, better at being litter-trained than ferrets which I know first-hand, is a chore. Ferrets occasionally ‘forget’ to use the litter box.

Read about rabbit myths and decide for yourself.

Pets Must Wear a Collar But…

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Poor kitteh! -Must wear collars.

Some larger cities in Canada like Edmonton, Alberta in an effort to prevent pet homelessness have mandated that cats must wear collars with a City-issued license tag or be permanently marked with a tattoo or microchip. Licensing is cheap, but having an unlicensed dog or cat can be a $250.00 fine so, get used to that collar, kitteh!

You Wanna Go for a Ride?

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This reminds me of a visit to my brother-in-law’s homestead in Missouri. I was on vacation and during the day while they were at work, I did yard work for them. Cutting firewood, burning leaves tree stumps, mulching their garden, etc. I was a filthy mess at the end of the day when they came home. I needed a shower and clean clothes, seriously.

My brother-in-law came down to the end of the yard where I was working and said ‘Hey, d’you want to go for a ride? We’ll go get some fast food.’ I had thoughtGreat! -McDonald’s Drive-thru and come home with it so yeah, I’ll go.’

I rinsed my hands and splashed my face with the garden hose and we all got in their car and, surprise! We drove for nearly two hours to Springfield, MO. to a very large Bass Pro store. I looked like a logger at the end of a workday… covered in dried mud, sweat, ashes and dirt on my shirt, holes in the knees of my pants, -it was embarrassing. Had I known I could have quick-showered and changed into something a little more acceptable for the public setting. But I should have known better because “Hey, you wanna go for a ride?” is a trick question with them and it is the same one they used on the family dog to get him into the car to go to the vet to be neutered!

Still, it’s Good to be the Pet

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Our animal pets really have it good you have to admit. To be fed, cared for and protected.

Caption Everything!

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Sometimes the funny does not have to be exclusively from animals, it comes from us.


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