My Father

Hi! My name is John and I want to give you some hints on my family. We are five in the family. I've got a father, a mother, a sister and a brother. We live in a large and beautiful house which came down from my great­ grandfather who signed it over to my grandfather and it is going to be handed down to my brother as he is the el­dest of the children. Besides, when my grandfather passed on, we came into a large sum of money, so now we are rather well-off.
My father comes on like a man whom everyone looks up to but not without some shortcomings of his own. A trifle can easily tee him off, he just blows up and you can expect any thing from him: getting after the mess in a room, telling off his kids, blaming someone for nothing, slapping down my mother's cooking, even kicking in a door. Then it's better to leave him alone and wait. Soon he will come down, his anger will cool off because my mother doesn't hold with it when someone's bawling out her cooking — she simply draws herself up and leaves.
All the same, my father is the man who is always ready to stick up for every member of his family though it's better to try out on his mood first. So we give in to it 'cause in the long run he will make it up to everyone he's done wrong to.
Find English equivalents in the text.
Защищать, уступать, помириться, узнать о настроении, обидеться, ругать, успокоиться, выломать дверь, оставить в покое, злить, выходить из себя, казаться (другим людям), уважать, передавать по наследству, умирать, переходить по наследству, вступить во владение.
С. В. Григорьев

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