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Rap Song Translated: "

Originally published here by Mr. Vonka.

We all love rap, but let’s face it, some of you are too white and/or too uncool to really understand the lyrics to some of your favorite hip-hop songs. Luckily, we’ve put together a new column to help you out.

Here is our first installment, translating the Youngbloodz song, “85 South”, featuring Big Boi from Outkast.

I know you waiting for daddy, it won’t be long, shorty. be patient cause im comin to u
I’m aware that you are waiting for me, your lover, and I will be there presently. please be patient, I am on my way
ridin dirty on 85, slow takin it easy, i dont want nothing to keep me from u
I’m driving under the influence on Interstate 85, but slowly and not erratically, because I don’t want to be pulled over and lose my chance to have sex with you

Now the wind blows as im on 85, and shiftin good,
it is windy on Interstate 85, but my manual transmission is functioning well
with a six pack of that colt 45, just like i should,
I have 6 “Colt 45″ beers. indeed, that is appropriate
and if i could i will i might get blowed tonight,
hopefully I will receive oral sex tonight
if things go right im gonna cut this ho tonight,
barring any unforeseen difficulties, I will have sex with a promiscuous girl tonight
so i get a call from this broad, in the game like she aint ready
a woman called me, she is not ready for my level of sexual charisma
but still in D’s she on her knees, keepin things steady,
but she has large breasts and is kneeling in a seductive manner
like betty crocker the face doctor,
she is to oral sex what Betty Crocker was to cooking
she says she swallows with passion, so now she bragging,
she enjoys swallowing during oral sex, and she is braggadocious
lagging behind with questions she now be askin,
I am forced to waste time for her relentless questioning
so time is passin, now im mashin on, im gone, livin in a world of ho’s,
finally I leave, my entire existence is devoted to promiscuous girls
so i suppose it goin down teepee your city
I am going to throw toilet paper on your city
cause in these parts ain’t nothin but hard times, now shorty please, really.
my life is full of difficulties. you must be joking, miss

Shiiit, im lookin for anything, gonna cut em’ up like everything in my stable

I’m not particular in my sexual partners, I will have sex with them in the same manner as my other girlfriends
sir lucious with a left foot, is ready willing and able
Big Boi is definitely capable of doing that
but these hoes will get on your nerves, fuck all that, kickin them to the curb
promiscuous girls can be aggravating, but don’t show them the door rudely
you lackin’ that tolerance, you let the ho swallow it
you need to learn some patience, let them swallow your ejaculate
get off in your impala, and stab out to a cajun rat house,
to the jamaica cat house, to the college frat house
with a girl you just met house, that rat house
then leave in your Impala, and visit some random places
and get you some scuds, she aint your girl,
you should obtain some bullets, that girl is not faithful to you
skeet skeet, went off and dip boy,
she has a lot of orgasms with many other men
im slick as a curl, smooth as a pearl, don’t be giving no gifts boy,
I’m very clever and well-groomed, I don’t bestow gifts often
on the first date or the worst date, im goin all the way on the first plate,
whether upon first acquaintance or on a missed connection I’m having sex at the first opportunity
like hail mary’s and feild goals, I think i was put here to drill hos,
like any last ditch effort in a sports game
I believe I exist solely to have sex with promiscuous girls

for real though, while you going in my bar,
I’m being honest, while you make yourself a drink at my expense
I’m off in your purse, I’m gettin’ my gas money,
I will steal money from your purse as a reimbursement for gas
then im back on the expressway and I’m out this burst. yeah!
then I will leave, taking the freeway, and there you have it!
Man this shit gettin crazy, this girl wants to face me,
the situation is quite ridiculous, this lady wants to give me oral sex
met her just last week, told me that her name was Stacey,
I met her last week, she informed me her name was Stacy
bad little bitch, add her straight to my collection,
she is a badly behaved promiscuous girl, similar to the rest of my girlfriends
jump in my Lac in my pocket got protection,
I always take condoms with me in my Cadillac
for things to go to down, see i aint playin around,
because sometimes situations occur, I am totally serious
got half a tank of gas, im 85 south bound,
I only have half a tank of gas, I’m driving south on Interstate 85
its a long ass way, im from the 20 side of things,
the distance between me and this girl is vast due to the fact that my residence is much closer to Interstate 20
she said its dead serious hot, like some lighter flames,
the girl informed me that it is incredibly warm
so you know how it go, im the nigga she da ho,
you can understand the situation,
I am an African-American and she is a promiscuous girl

she told me some mo’, wash up my caddillac do’,
she continued to speak to me while I washed my Cadillac
my hands on the grain my pimp down to the ground,
I am holding the steering wheel and my pimp is pressed down
aint got my license back so i need to slow down,
my license is currently revoked, so I oughtn’t drive so quickly
now i’m scrapin’ the floor,
my car is going so quickly, it’s scraping the ground
shawty aint got on no draws,
this girl is not wearing underwear
man im breakin the law, tryin to get to this broad,
I am committing multiple felonies to get to her
i dont know what it is but showty fine as hell,
I’m not clear why I am doing this, but she is very attractive
slim and tight that i like straight from ATL,
she is very fit, which I enjoy, and she is from Atlanta
shawty yell
miss, could you shout for me?

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