Ten Things Men Find Too Sexy

Ten Things Men Find Too Sexy: "

Men think about sex, and they think about sex a lot, so you might be amazed that something would be too sexy for a guy, but there are at least ten things that I think you may agree are too sexy, here they are.

Guys find it sexy when a girl is into the same things as him, such as a sports team, or horror flicks. What could be better than sharing a favorite past time together? Guys find it too sexy when the girl starts looking like his favorite teams best player or the killer in a horror flick. If she looks like a quarter back or an axe murderer, its not hot.

Men love models. Men fantasize about being with a woman who is a model. Models are always hot, am I not right?

File:Quentin Massys 008.jpg


Guys find it attractive when a woman isn’t afraid to get dirty. It shows that she isn’t going to be a demanding little princess type. Guys find it scary when the woman doesn’t look like she has taken a bath for months. And before you say anything about the picture not being great, you just try to look up “dirty girl picture” and see how easy it is.


Guys find it sexy when a girl works and spends some of her own money. It makes him happy to see her get the things she loves and wants. Guys find it too sexy when she spends all of her own money, his money, and money they don’t even have. Also, and please note: Just because you can buy anything you want, does not mean you should.

Handbag by Liz Henry.


Men find a damsel in distress a bit of a turn on. It gives him a chance to be a hero for a change. Men find it concerning when the same damsel is in distress all of the time. Well okay we might rescue her a few times before we clued in but I am sure eventually we would clue in. Eventually. Maybe.

Damsel In Distress by Gary Denness.


Men find it kinda sexy watching a girl shave her legs. S l o w l y… with toes pointed, in the shower, water dripping off her. Not so sexy when she has to shave her face though.


Guys get turned on by a little girl on girl action or cat fight. You know what I mean. Guys do not really get too many thrills by watching actual cats fight, well hopefully not anyhow.


Guys find it sexy when a chick asks their opinion on something like which car to buy or what computer to get. Since women always think they know best, it is hot when they throw us a crumb or two. Guys really don’t like it when a chick tells them how to do something, like change a tire, or fix a computer. And if the chick is a chicken telling a guy how to fix the computer, well that’s just wrong.

101_0157 by AlishaV.


Guys find it sexy when a girl cooks, or does house work in the nude. Can’t think of anything too sexy here. Doing dishes naked, vacuuming naked, mowing the lawn naked, whatever, guys are pretty cool with it.


Guys love seeing some skin. A little tease is wonderful. Careful that you don’t show too much as in the photo below, the one one the left is showing a bit too much skin and has dangerously entered the world of being too sexy.

Lucy and the Fattest Woman by leekelleher.


One tip to any girl wanting to appear sexy, it helps to stand next to somebody larger than yourself.

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