Kell'em Gently - The Game

( This is tribute to the most wonderful person who appeared in my life i 2006 and left me on the 18th of October, 2010. This language game is a joint effort of Denys and me. We played it in two modes: Comment Mode and IMing Mode. We took turns to devise the possible progression of events in such a way that everyone is thought to be the murderer.)

This game has been primarily conceived as a tool to practice your conversational skills through the dialogue of the main characters. 
This game is largely based on the plot of Old Auntie Agatha's suspense novel "And Then There Were None". However, in this version, only one person knows who committed the murders. The narrator directs the plot by posting, for example, 'Then they talk about his 3d wife's sudden death...'. You, i.e. the player, should speak about it and add as many details as your imagination can create.
The players are requested to
  • make use of : 'he said, she murmured, he remarked.' ... etc...
  • avoid sentences 'then he told them how it happened ...'
  • make the dialogue dynamic and “polysyllabic”,.

Setting: There are 12 people in a mansion on an island in the middle of the sea. They've been invited by a certain Mr. Preston Axesithe to spend some time there. They know nothing about each other, the person who invited them, nor do they know why they have been purposefully gathered in this magnificent mansion. The psychopath is among them and longs to shed blood. The players in this game practice their spoken English by inventing the dialogue of the characters.
The Characters

1 Gregory Dipps Age: 68
Occupation: a statesman (politician) now retired
Interests: golf, football, chess
Appearance : a giant of a man about 2 meters tall, a little overweight, dark complexion, aquiline nose, bushy moustache, pointed chin, high wrinkled forehead, a scar on the right cheek, bulging eyes, grayish hair, shaggy eyebrows.
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
likes to talk at length about his past as a diplomat in Russia.)
frequently uses FORMAL vocabulary, proverbs and quotes famous politicians a lot
likes moralizing about nearly every thing.
always gives evasive answers

2 Berthold Mumps

Age: 49 (looks much older)
Occupation: gynecologist
Interests: medicine (knowledgeable practically in all fields), chemistry, biology
Appearance: a stocky slightly stooping man wearing spectacles, almost bald with some hair wavy hair on the sides of the head, small deep-set eyes behind glasses, rounded cheeks.
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
likes to compare everything with diseases, uses medical terms and idioms with parts of the body and head
Very polite (in fact uses all of the patterns of polite speech and a lot of modals “Could it be that… Would you kindly … so on.”)
A bit absent-minded.
frequently uses “That reminds me of the case … ”
stammers slightly (occasionally) especially when talking to the other men

3 Nicholas Ironwill
Age: 30
Occupation: a boxer (on the decline of his sports career)
Interests: sports, ladies
Appearance: well-built, sturdy in limb, with a battered nose and a swollen right eye ( had been KO'd the night before he got to the mansion,), fat-lipped, walks with a slight limp, harsh voice, a man of action, choleric.
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
Uses lots of sports slang.
His speech is informal. And he always asks Doctor Berthold to repeat and explain the medical term he says.
Doesn’t mind downing a glass or two of gin.

4 Myrtle Jason
Age: 26
Occupation: translator (German)
Interests: philosophy (Sigmund Freud und Friedrich Nietzsche)
Appearance: a very attractive (graceful) woman, tall, slender with long well-shaped legs, voluptuous breasts, an oval face with a sensuous mouth, well-cut red lips and even white teeth, straight nose, hazel eyes , long eyelashes, penciled eyebrows. Voice: hoarse due to constant smoking.
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
Occasionally snaps at the doctor when tries to persuade her to put out her cigarette
From time to time she uses German proverbs, and, when asked, never translates them. Otherwise her language is mostly formal.
Her favorite exclamation is “Mein Gott in Himmel!"”
occasionally quotes German philosophers.
tends to bite her upper lip when deep in thought and look at her fingers when she’s not interested in the conversation.
thinks herself superior to men

5 Edward Fourspeed
Age: 49
Occupation: an attorney
Interests: Criminal Law, Hunting
Appearance: a person of size with a long hooked nose and pale blue wide-set eyes, somewhat unattractive, with 3 huge moles on his cheek and very small ears.
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
Divorced his wife leaving her not a single penny
Always speaks as if he were delivering a final speech, asking questions and making well-backed suppositions on who the murderer and the next victim might be.
uses a lot of comparisons (many of his own making) and employs many similes in his speech.
There’s not much love lost between him and Gregory Dipps. Dips had been his ex-wife’s lover.

6 Jeremy Snow
Age: 33
Occupation: ex-drug dealer with a criminal past, having served a 5 year prison term for drug trafficking
Interests: unknown
Appearance: a three-days growth of whiskers is his permanent feature, a disfigured ear that is completely deaf (an injury during a prison brawl)
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
Uses a lot of prison slang, street words for drugs.
No one is aware that he carries a knife

7 Esther Flicks
Age: in her 60's (spinster)
Occupation: servant
Interests: knitting
Appearance: a very thin woman, hollow cheeks, pointed cheekbones, wearing VERY big glasses. Wears heavy make-up.
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
a very nervous person, afraid of everyone in the mansion. Thus she keeps herself apart from the rest of the party.
When she speaks she uses a lot of conditional sentences like “What if …?”
Her English is that of an uneducated country woman.

8 Benjamin Spurt
Age: 59
Occupation: cook
Interests: cooking (learned how to cook in prison)
Appearance: tall and very thin, to the point of being cadaverous, skin is mottled and pitted. His clothes are always impeccably clean, in spite of the work in the kitchen bald, with a shiny pate Character’s idiosyncrasies:
Meticulous in everything he does, nothing is ever out of place in his kitchen
mute but can read lips

9 Douglas Cadavere
Age: 40
Occupation: a coroner (of French extraction)
Interests: Latin, History, Philosophy
Appearance: the most intelligent person in the whole company, slim, tall in good shape,dark blond hair, boyish face, a sharp eye
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
has a sense of humor...sometimes a bit on the dark side
The lady characters can't keep their eyes off him... He has charisma that is attractive to both women and men
Light on his feet soft-spoken, but intense
Likes to tease gently
Likes to use double-entendre (it means he like to use phrases that have two is usually sexual in nature)
Frequently uses Latin idioms giving their immediate translation.

10 Lisa Stager
Age: 21
Occupation: a model [came to the mansion instead of her friend Collette]
Interests: money, fame
Appearance: tall, slim, with an abundance of long thick red hair ( her mark of fame in the fashion world), white flawless skin, full sensuous lips, slender hands that she likes to use a lot as she speaks, green eyes that flash
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
manipulative (she slept her way to the near top of the fashion world, and is now looking to get into films (has been known to have affairs with both men and women)
adept at using her wiles to achieve her goal
has a soft breathy laugh
a little hysterical
a slight accent that cannot be pinned down no one knows where she is from
uses short sentences

11 Barton Coolhed
Age: 33
Occupation: a shrewd businessman [who values his time and money]
Interests: shares, shares, shares
Appearance: average height and build, dark hair, somewhat thin on the top that he tries to hide by combing his hair over the bald spot, favors dark suits, crisp shirts matching ties, hands are somewhat large, which he tries to conceal
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
rather dull
He seems to see everything only in a monetary fashion...
He is somewhat of a cold fish, seemingly devoid of sexual tension or appetite

12 Aston Grooves
Age: 35
Occupation: a writer ( he has written a best seller, but now finds he has writer's block)
Interests: music, art, architecture, and of course, literature
Appearance: In excellent shape (he obviously spends time at a gym), dark hair that he likes to keep somewhat long, giving him a romantic Lord Byron-esque appearance, hands that are manicured, hairy chest that he likes to display, likes to wear clothes that show off his physique, smooth and graceful walk
Character’s idiosyncrasies:
Cracks jokes, plays on words, uses oxymorons, …
He quotes snippets of poetry a lot.
he is a good dancer.

Beginning: The Arival

The party arrives at the mansion and marvels at its beauty. Meanwhile they all get acquainted with each other. Coolhed is constantly sneezing and everybody says ‘God bless you’ after he does. Cadavere is very talkative. He introduces everybody to everyone and jokes a lot. Dipps and Grooves are engaged in a kind of argument about the younger generation. Lisa is complaining about having to be on the island, Fourspeed is trying to calm her down. Mumps, Jason and Ironwill go outside to have a walk around the mansion. They are all wondering why they are here. In the evening the party is seated at the huge dinner table. They realize that their mobile phones aren’t working any longer. (необходимо грамотно подвести разговор к проверке телефонов)...

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