Joke of the day

This one goes out to all those ppl who hate being plagiarized and leave a lot of trash comments instead of simply requesting to delete the post that is been unwittingly borrowed from their blog just to be remembered. It sux when people you look up to turn out such ... . But that's life.

My mother caught me shaving my arse in the kitchen the other day.
She was astounded as to how I obtained the donkey in the first place.


  1. Tried looking you up. Couldn't find any contact info. NOt sure how you "unwittingly borrow" info. It's called copying and pasting and you should give credit. Not that difficult. We learnt it in 6th grade.

  2. Ok. Sharon, would you please stop it? I'm sincerely sorry for causing you such an emotional injury. I do understand I acted wrong and have so far done my best to erase all the traces of your, no doubt, useful and enlightening ideas I (an undergraduate whose comment you are reading now and who, presumably, knows nothing of the concept of intellectual property) had had the impudence to copy-paste. But you should know one thing, Sharon, these ideas of yours are really good and make a gem of any methodology collection. I blame you for but 1 thing - you left me ambivalent. :-) Again, sorry.