Туалетно-зековая юмориада

Read the story and do the super doper exercise that follows it.

Слова для заучивания:

  • An Inmate – заключённый
  • Flooded with – наводненный, заполненный чем-л.
  • To squat - сидеть на корточках
  • Facility – приспособление
  • At smb’s expense – за чей-либо счёт
  • Loo = туалет (BrE)
  • Flooring – покрытие
  • continental - небританский; относящийся к европейскому континенту
  • insider - лицо, располагающее конфиденциальной информацией о делах организации
  • diverse establishment – учреждение, в котором работают (отсиживают) люди разных национальностей
  • tract - полоса, участок, пространство (земли, леса, воды)
  • out of courtesy – для вежливости

Jail throws £10,000 down the pan

A prison is spending £10,000 on "hole in the ground" toilets because some foreign inmates hate sitting down when they go.
The jail, where 90% of inmates are from abroad, has been flooded with complaints from prisoners who want to squat.
So a new toilet facility is being built in a Canterbury jail, Kent, at taxpayers' expense.
Each loo has a hole and a ceramic tray with no seat and non-slip flooring, like those found in continental roadside services and bars.
An insider said: "It is a joke really. We have modern, smart toilet facilities here but we have to spend another £10,000 for holes in the ground.
Prison governor Chris Bartlett said: "We are a very diverse establishment. The reality is that vast tracts of the world don't use a standard European toilet."
Deputy head of residential services Dave Lambourne said the loos are being fitted "out of courtesy", mainly for the use of prisoners from the Far East.

Test Yasself!

Now that you’ve read the text you better do dis exercise, dude, or I’ma cut ya like a pig.

Mark the following statements as:

Perhaps True (PT), Definitely True (DT), Possibly False (PF), Definitely False (DF) No Evidence (NE).

  1. The inmates felt depressed and unconfident while using the sit-on loos.

  2. The inmates are all from Romania.

  3. The loos had to be downgraded out of sheer curiosity.

  4. Every continental loo is of no-sit-on-type.

  5. The prison authorities acted on the advice of medics who said the insiders would feel better if the squatted during taking a … , you know what.

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