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Man robbed bank to buy fake breasts
An Austrian man has been jailed after robbing a bank to pay for a breast operation for his transvestite lover.
Car mechanic Robert Steinwirt, 29, was caught just hours after he handed over the £7,000 he had robbed from the bank in Grinzens, Austria, to a plastic surgeon.
The surgeon called police because he was suspicious that the mechanic wanted to pay him so much money in cash up front for the operation.
Steinwert has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Find the words in the text above using these definitions:

  1. one of the two round raised parts of a woman's body that produce milk when she has a baby

  2. a person who seeks sexual pleasure from wearing clothes that are normally associated with the opposite sex

  3. to take something from (someone) illegally, as by force or threat of violence

  4. a doctor who is specially trained to perform surgery.

  5. thinking that someone might be guilty of doing something wrong or dishonest, without being sure

  6. give money in advance

Запомню назло всем:
Время Past Perfect выражает прошедшее действие, ко­торое произошло раньше другого прошедшего действия.
Пример: By the time Paul returned to his room, his transvestite friend Bobby had already put on his best pair of women breasts.

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