Серийный самоубийца

Для того, чтобы удачно пересказать любой текст, можно воспользоваться до боли простым приёмом – составление плана. Апробируем данную технику на следующем тексте.


  1. Ways to off yourself.

  2. The prospective suicidal Elena.

  3. Atempt 1 – Metro Diving

  4. Attempt 2 – Khrushevka Leaping

  5. Attempt 3 – Batman Style.


(taken from theExile.ru solely for educational purposes)

Буквально, прыжок, высоковольтный фен, глоток водки, не подходить под понятие, попытка самоубийства, вскрытие вен, не одобрять, шрамы.

Conventional wisdom has it that anyone who tries to kill themselves and fails didn't really want to die. There are numbers of ways that are virtually guaranteed to get the job done right. There's a shotgun or high caliber pistol to the head, jumping in front of a speeding train, leaping from a 14-story building, taking a bath with a high voltage hair dryer. But a few Dramamine ("Драмамин" Товарный знак таблеток, принимаемых при тошноте, рвоте, симптомах морской болезни) with a shot of vodka doesn't qualify as a suicide attempt. As for wrist slitting, this method is much frowned upon because people generally do this because they like scars.

Попытки, божественное вмешательство, стопроцентно успешный (безпроигрышный), уделать себя, хотя (и),

However, every once in a while someone comes around that can't get the job done despite their best efforts. Whether because of divine intervention or just bad luck, sometimes even surefire methods fail. Take 41-year-old Muscovite Elena. She's tried three times to do herself in, and yet she's still breathing, albeit with the help of a respirator.

без малейшей царапины (без малейшего вреда для себя), прыгнуть, с удовольствием, впадина (углубление), взбешена, ринуться, третий рельс

Her first attempt, while noble, left her without a scratch. About ten years ago, Elena flung herself in front of a Metro train as it entered a station. Unfortunately, she jumped with a little too much gusto and landed in the depression made for anyone who finds themselves on the tracks when a train is approaching. Apparently, she was so rattled by her failure that she forgot to lunge for the third rail (an extra rail from which an electric train picks up current by means of a sliding collector to feed power to its motors), which is also an effective life-ender.

The next attempt, last year, she jumped out of her apartment window. However, the apartment was only on the fourth floor, and she lived to see another day.

делать более изящным( утончённым, изысканным), безумно (неистово, яростно), распластанная, переломы, прибавьте к этому,

On May 7, she decided to refine her technique a little. This time, she went up to the 14th floor at 16 Belomorskaya ul. and jumped. She jumped in the early morning, and no one in the building heard the crash as she landed on an Audi 100 parked below. There she lay until her father, realizing that she wasn't home, frantically searched the building for signs of her. He found an open window on the 14th floor and, looking out, saw his daughter splattered on the car below.

He called the militsia and they found that she was still breathing, in spite of multiple fractures. Chalk it up to the Audi's excellent shocks. She was rushed off to City Hospital 81, where she is now in critical condition.

Запомню назло всем:

Conventional wisdom has it that … – Традиционно считается (народная мудрость гласит… lol), что …

Rumor has it that … – Ходят слухи, что

Legend has it that … - По легенде, …

Rumor has it, he’s like kicked the bucket. – Ходят слухи, что он типа как окочурился.

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