Внутренний Голос

Guided by Voices

A 54-year-old man living alone with his 73-year-old mother isn't as unusual in Russia as it probably should be. But this pair was something else entirely. According to neighbors, they didn't just live together, they did everything together. Contrary to the standard acrimonious relationship, these two were thick as thieves. They were often seen together in stores, consulting each other about what products to buy; they went to church together; they even made a pilgrimage to Greece. By all accounts, they were inseparable. It no doubt made it easier to share their one-room apartment on ul. Mikhailova.

Their relationship first blossomed several years ago, when the man's wife kicked him out of their apartment when he couldn't quit drinking. But it turns out he just needed the fear of God instilled in him. After he moved in with his mother, he quickly found God and quit the bottle. Five years ago he took his last drink, and devoted himself to serving God.

Not long ago, God started telling this man that he was Chosen for a mission. He was already prone (=having a tendency to be affected by or do something) to fanaticism, and ready to take it up a notch. On the morning of March 24, at about 7, God finally made clear his Plan. The man was to kill his mother, or, in the words of the Almighty, "Finish what has begun." The man, not wanting to seem like an ingrate, proceeded to beat his mother to death.

Now he's being held while the doctors access his competency to stand trial. According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, some philistines doubt he actually heard the voice of God. However, this guy knew the lesson of the Jonah story: there is no running from divine orders--or schizophrenia.

Try to remember these 10 as you know 10 Commandments:

1.желчный ( о характере ); саркастический, язвительный
2.≈ водой не разольёшь
3.совершать паломничество
4.по общим отзывам
5.внушать; вселять (надежду, страх)
6.склонный, предрасположенный (к чему-либо)
7.перенести на новый уровень (выше)
8.неблагодарный человек
9.оцентить, способен ли человек … (выявить)
10.обыватели, мирские люди

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