Внутренний Голос 2

Найдите и (желательно) запомните эти слова и выражения на будущее.

1.высшие силы 2.охотится на 3.на первый взгляд 4.работающий в дневную смену 5.подмаренник цепкий (;)) 6.резко оборвалась 7.неясный, смутный 8.чётко выражать ( свои мысли) 9.воодушевлён 10.тонкости (зд.) 11.не уточнять, не вдаваться в детали

(taken from theExile for … fun)

The Korneyev family had problems. They didn’t know it yet, but powers on high were out to get the seemingly functional family. Daddy was a day-shift security guard at the Zelenograd branch of Mosstroibank, while the missus was one of the few housewives in Russia. With their fourteen-year-old daughter, they seemed like a Russian version of the Cleavers in a one-bedroom apartment.

The idyllic family life all came to an abrupt end two weekends ago when a 40-year-old man, who claimed to be hearing voices, murdered all three. The details are still a bithazy (=vague) , as the murderer has been having trouble articulating what exactly who the voices were, what they commanded him to do and how he did it.

The last time anyone from the family was seen was Friday afternoon, when the husband left work. Nothing was reported until Monday morning, when an anonymous tip to the local militsia reported that there had been a murder in their apartment.

Apparently, the killer, a construction worker, was a long-time acquaintance of the family. Some time over the weekend he stopped by for a visit. The wife opened the door and he wasted no time explaining the purpose of his visit. Perhaps he figured they had heard the same voices? He shot her in the head and then shot the husband as he slept. Finally, he turned the pistol on the daughter and took her out, too.
Since he was divinely inspired, he didn’t pay much attention to subtlety. He didn’t bother trying to hide the corpses or clean up at all. He simply turned around and left the site of the crime, ditching his gun on the way out.

When the cops apprehended him several days later, he gave up without a fight. He didn’telaborate on what else the voices told him to do, although he suggested that this action might help him get in Jody Foster’s good graces.

Запомню назло всем:

An interesting word: DITCH (as a verb, spoken)

If you ditch something that you have or are responsible for, you abandon it or get rid of it, because you no longer want it. (INFORMAL) I decided to ditch the sofa bed. = dump

If someone ditches someone, they end a relationship with that person.(INFORMAL) I can’t bring myself to ditch him and start again. Julie's ditched her boyfriend.= dump

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