If-I-could Facts

Amazing But ТРУ

1) For a man to be able to fly like a bird, he would need to have a breastbone 2 metres long to hold the strong muscles necessary to give him the power to take off from the ground.
2) If a man could jump the same height as a flea, relative to its size, he could jump over St Paul's Cathedral.
3) If all the stars in the Milky Way had names, and if someone were to say the names one after the other, at the rate of one per second without stopping, it would take him 4,000 years.
4) If the entire history of the earth could be represented as a single day, our ancestors the cavemen would not appear until one minute before midnight.
5) If you lived on Mercury your birthday would come round every 88 days.

Запомню назло всем:

Условные предложения II типа.

Условие, содержащееся в условном придаточном предложении, рассматривается говорящим как маловероятное. Для выражения малой вероятности осуществления действия в настоящем или будущем временах сказуемое главного предложения употребляется в форме сослагательного наклонения should / would + Indefinite Infinitive без to, а сказуемое придаточного предложения – в форме сослагательного наклонения, аналогичной Past Indefinite или were для всех лиц от глагола to be.

If my father were dead, he wouldn't beat my mother anymore. Если бы мой батя был на том свете, он бы мамку не избивал.

If we paid more cash, they would give us some extra coke in addition to what we have already bought . Если бы мы заплатили больше налички, они в довесок накинули бы нам больше кокса на халяву.

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