Рулю и хлопаю в ладоши

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, it's supposed to get harder and harder day after day, night after night. What is meant by that, you wonder? The task I'm about to present herein. To effectively learn any vocabulary item so that it's stuck in your mind for further communication, you'd better learn it in context.

(Контекст это типа когда в речи или на письме в окружении других слов)

Моя бабуля говорит it's the best way to grab the English vocabulary by the balls. And believe me, when she says it's effective she means it!

Lorry driver had no hands

Вот этими словесами в беспорядке раскиданными, но с дефинициями, вам предстоит заменить русские слова в этом безжалостно безруком триллере.

  1. 1. Handless — having no hands
  2. 2. stumps - the short part of someone's leg, arm etc that remains after the rest of it has been cut off
  3. 3. overloaded — loaded more than it's intended
  4. 4. unadapted — not adapted
  5. 5. permitted - allowed
  6. 6. firecrackers - firework that makes several loud bangs when it is lit.
  7. 7. leniency — not being strict in the way you punish someone or control their behaviour
  8. 8. beverage company — compony producing and selling drinks (la bebida in Spanish)

Police who pulled up an перегруженный lorry in China were amazed to find the driver had no hands.
The lorry was stopped for carrying five times its разрешённый load of six tonnes, reports Bandao Metropolis News.
"When we came to the cab window, we were surprised to see the driver was безрукий," says a Jimo city traffic police spokesman.
The driver, Zhang, was handling the непредназначенный lorry with the обрубки on his wrists - and didn't even have a driving licence.
Zhang insists there is no problem with his driving, and that the only reason he has no licence is his disability. His hands were blown off by хлопушки when he was 12.
"I went to six driving schools, but none of them would take me as a student," he said. "I drive very well, and took part in racing games before."
After graduating from university, Zhang couldn't find a job because of his disability, so he opened a компанию по производству напитков y in Qingdao city.
He employs a driver to make deliveries - but sometimes had to stand in for him when he is absent because of illness.
Zhang asked for снисхождения from the police, who finally only gave him a £15 ticket. He risked a fine of up to £150 and 15 days in jail.
He has promised he will never drive again.

Запомню назло всем:

Don't mess with firecrackers when you're 12 or younger. (otherwise first this you'll be missing the pleasure of mastu.... ой, это же это люди могут прочитать!)

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