Long Time, No See

Before reading this story, make sure that you know the words below:

Cremated - to burn the body of a dead person at a funeral ceremony

Spot - to see or notice a person or thing, especially suddenly or when it is not easy to do so

Missing alive – Пропавшие без вести.

Strong-minded - not easily influenced by other people to change what you believe or want

Decomposed - rotten

Wander - walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way

Confirm - establish the truth or correctness of

Snr – Senior

Jnr - Junior

to jog one's memory - cause you to suddenly remember something that you had forgotten.

Blast - to criticize something very strongly

Rigorous - extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate.

Dead Dad - A Sidekick

A Manchester man spotted his father alive and well on TV - five years after his funeral.
John Renehan, 42, had the wrong man cremated after police said they found his missing dad's body, reports The Sun.
But then he caught a glimpse of 71-year-old John Delaney in a care home on BBC1 show Missing Live.
John Jnr said: "I was in shock. I have always tried to be strong-minded but to see who we thought we had cremated..."
His dad, who vanished in 2000, was declared dead in 2003 after cops found a decomposed body in similar clothes.
In reality he had lost his memory after a blow to the head and was found wandering around Oldham, Greater Manchester, weeks later.
John Snr was given the name David Harrison and put in a home. He still has amnesia but DNA confirmed his identity.
His son, of Didsbury, now spends every day with his dad hoping to jog his memory. He blasted police for "identifying" the body with no DNA test and wants compensation for funeral costs.
John Jnr added: "There is no silver lining. It would have been nice to have a proper conversation with my father."
Police apologised and said rigorous tests were now routine. They are trying to ID the stranger.

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