Hawker vs. Stuart (Watchening Comprehension)

You can use hawker to refer to a person who tries to sell things by calling at people’s homes or standing in the street, especially when you do not approve of this activity.
Semantically Close: Door-to-door sales, distribution, House – to – house advertising
Watch the sketch. Answer the questions in any language you like:
1. What is the man selling?
2. What does the hawker want to do?
3. What do neighbors say about the house Stuart lives in?
4. Is Mama napping or is she simply dead?
5. Does Stuart like demonstrations?
6. Do you have any stains on your carpet?
7. Do you scare easily?
8. Where is the boy's mother?
9. Do you like submissive women?
10. What did the mother do to father?
11. What made the stain?
12. Why does Stuart want to check how the vacuum works himself?
13. Why do they start to fight?
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