Bad Taste Joke

" I don’t know what it is about this joke that makes it funny, but I’m pretty sure I did the right thing having posted it at Deadly English. Anyways, one has to start the day with a smile on his face even if he/she’s suffering with a bout of severe hangover made worse by sickening heartburn.

A guy went out hunting. He had all the gear, the jacket, the boots and the double-barreled shotgun. As he was climbing over a fence, he dropped the gun and it went off, right on his penis. Obviously, he had to see a doctor. When he woke up from surgery, he found that the doctor had done a marvelous job repairing it. As he got ready to go home, the doctor gave him a business card. "This is my brothers card. I'll make an appointment for you to see him." The guy says "Is your brother a doctor?" "No," Doc replies, "he plays the flute. He'll show you where to put your fingers so you don't piss in your eye."
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