Good question – why do human beings blush?

Good question – why do human beings blush?: "
Not so long ago, an article claimed that blushing was one of the 10 things that science cannot yet explain:
Things we don’t understandIt turns out that the solution may be nigh on blushing. Why do human beings blush? Here’s (at least part of) the answer:
Why We Blush: The Social Purpose of Showing Embarrassment
The good news is that although it may cause you some chagrin, blushing appears to serve a functional purpose. Recent findings by Dutch psychologists Corine Dijk, Peter de Jong and Madelon Peters reveal that if you ever find yourself in a pickle after, say, committing a social offence or being caught in an embarrassing mishap, the presence or absence of blushing can help determine if you’ll be forgiven by others…

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