Run it by me

Run it by me: "I. Run it by me again - просьба повторить, что то вроде нашего: 'Чего-чего?'
Alice: Do you understand?
Sue: No. I really didn't understand what you said. Run that by me again, if you don't mind.
John: Put this piece into the longer slot and the remaining piece into the slot on the bottom.
Sue: Run that by again. I got lost just after put.
Mary: Keep to the right, past the fork in the road, then turn right at the crossroads. Do you follow?
Jane: No. Run it by me again.

II. to run something by someone - согласовывать с кем-то
'Run it by me before you send it (a letter or an email).'
'I've got something to run by you.' (an idea)

These are examples in the expression. 'to run something by someone' means to show the other a document or to explain an idea to that person. You might need their approval for a document that you have written or you might like their reaction to your idea."

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