Anger Myth Debunked

There is a very common myth about psychology in which people believe they will alleviate their anger by “letting it out”. This is such a popular concept that many therapies have grown up around it – things like punchbags, squeeze balls, etc. In fact, the opposite is found to be true. When a person expresses their anger regularly, it becomes habit forming. While there may appear to be a temporary relief from the anger when you smash a plate against the wall, ultimately your fits of anger will become an addiction and you will begin to seek out more reasons to become angry – in order to achieve that nice feeling. So ultimate, the best thing to do: bottle it up!

Choose the right definition of the phrasal verb: bottle smth up

1 to deliberately not allow yourself to show a strong feeling or emotion:
   It is far better to cry than to bottle up your feelings.

2 to cause problems by delaying something:
   The bill has been bottled up in Congress.

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