30 Role Plays

1.Your friend is having a party at the weekend. Ask her how you can help.
2.You are late for your class. Apologise and explain why.
3.You are driving and see a hitchhiker. Offer a lift.
4.You are on a train and don’t know where to get off for the museum. Ask a passenger.
5.You get home and see a package in front of your front door. Ask a neighbour about it.
6.You are on a bus and another passenger has just thrown an empty bottle out of the window. Complain.
7.Your friend has just had her hair cut. Compliment her.
8.You are at the insurance company. The windscreen of your car has been smashed. Tell the clerk how it happened.
9.You are travelling in the USA and realise you have lost your passport. Ask a police officer for help.
10.You are on holiday and stay a tan expensive hotel. The lift is out of order. Complain and ask for information.
11.You are in a shoe shop, but don’t know which shoes to buy. Ask the shop assistant for advice
12.You would like to go to the cinema to see the new James Bond film. Suggest itt o your friend.
13.You meet an old friend of yours int he supermarket. Greet her and ask how she is.
14.You are in a restaurant and the food is tastless. Complain to the manager.
15.You are at the train station struggling with a suitcase. Ask a passer-by to help.
16.You are in a Hungarian restaurant with a friend. Recommend her something to eat.
17.You get lost on your way to the railway station. Ask a passer-by for direction.
18.You have just bought a new pair of trousers. Ask for your friend’s honest opinion.
19.You have bought a new mobile phone, but there is something wrong with it. Go back to the shop and explain your problem.
20.Your friend will have her 18th birthday at the weekend and you don’t know what to buy for her. Ask another friend for ideas.
21.A waiter wants to charge you too much for your meal. Complain.
22.You are driving and knock into a car in front of you. Get out and apologise.
23.Offer your neighbour some grapes from your garden.
24.You want to buy a new bed and offer your old one to a carity. Talk to the person working for the charity.
25.You have forgotten your money. Ask your friend if you can borrow some.
26.You take part in a language course but you are not satisfied with the teacher. Talk to the director of studies and tell her your problems.
27.You are looking for a house to rent. Tell the real estate agent about your needs.
28.You see a tourist on the street looking lost. Ask if you can help.
29.Your cat is ill. Tell itt o the vet and explain what the problem is.
30.Your friends has bought a new shirt. Compliment her.

Taken from Busyteacher.org

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