The Passive Voice

 Robin Bailey (worry) all the week. Last Tuesday he (receive) a letter from the local police. In the letter he (ask) to call at the station. Robin wondered why he (want) by the police, but he went to the station yesterday and now he (not worry) any more. At the station, he (tell) by a smiling policeman that his bicycle (find). Five days ago, the policeman told him, the bicycle (pick) up in a small village four hundred miles away. It now (send) to his home by train. Robin (surprise) when he heard the news, because the bicycle (stole) twenty years ago when he was fifteen!

Criminal Caught Watching Wrong Channel
 A 28-year-old man (arrest) last night at the North London home, and later (charge) in connection with a series of burglaries in the area.
At the press conference this morning, Detective Inspector Richard Jevis, who (lead) the police investigation into the burglaries, (ex­plain) that details of the crimes (give) last night on the television pro­gramme "Crimestop". The Inspector (describe) how, after a witness' description of the burglar (give) on the show, dozen of people (tele­phone) the police, all identifying the same suspect.
The Inspector (go on) to say that a police (send) straight round to the man's house, where they (find) him watching television. Then he (asfe) why the man (not/try) to escape earlier when he (see) himself on "Crimestop". Detective Inspector (laugh) and (say), "He (not/ watch) "Crimestop"—he (watch) his favourite soap opera on the other channel."

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