Active or Passive?

Open the brackets.

From 'The History of Tea'
Tea ________________ (make) from the leaves of the tea plant. At first, it ______________ (use) as a medicine, but it ____________________ (become) an everyday drink in the third century A.D. First, the leaves _______________________ (pick) from the plant and they are spread onto a cloth. They ________________________ (leave) there for up to 20 hours. Next, the leaves are rolled up until they ___________________ (break) into small pieces. Finally, the leaves ________________ (dry). The tea _______________ (pack) into containers and sent to different countries. It ______________________ (sell) to customers as loose leaves, as teabags and as instant tea. To make tea, we __________________ (boil) water and __________________ (pour) it over the try to unity pots. This __________________ (leave) for 3 to 5 minutes. We can then add milk, lemon or sugar. In Britain, it was the custom to serve tea in the afternoons with sandwiches and cakes. This custom ______________________ (start) by the Duchess of Bethel around 1840. Today, people _________________________ (drink) tea all over the world.

____________ 0ut of 14

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