Helpful Writing Tips

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When writing, consider the following questions:
1.  Is my introduction, relevant, interesting and attention-catching?
2.  Have I written using paragraphs?
3.  Have I written using sentences of different type?
4.  Have I used appropriate verb tenses?
5.  Am I writing from a clear point of view?
6.  Have I kept on topic and not wandered?
7.  Have I included interesting comparisons?
8.  Are my ideas expressed in a clear and interesting language? Have I avoided the use of slang words?
9.  Do my sentences flow, or are they too long/short?
10. Is there any unnecessary repetition of words or ideas?
11. Are my thoughts and ideas organized in a logical sequence? Can the reader easily follow and understand what I am trying to say?
12. Have I proofread my work and corrected any spelling and punctuation errors?
13. Have I written an effective and interesting conclusion?
14. Is my work polished and ready for public presentation?

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