Intensifiers - Dialogue

1. Listen and Practice.
- Oh, this is so annoying.  Where on Earth did I put my car keys?
- Not again. Have you looked on the kitchen table?
- I've looked everywhere.
- Hanna. You really are hopeless.
- Thank you. I suppose it's too much trouble for you to help look for them. Oh, look, here they are under the magazine.
- Well. that just goes to show. What you need is some kind of system for where you put things. You're always losing things. It's absolutely ridiculous.
- You've got such a nerve! It was you who lost all your credit cards the other day, and it was me who found them for you.
- Yes, I know, I'm extremely grateful to you but you do need to get yourself organized with keys.

Role Play
1. Make your speech emphatic!
2. Wife: scold Husband does his best
 You are an old couple. The husband always forgets things - names, dates, numbers, boiling water. The wife is always scolding him. (to criticize someone, especially a child, severely and usually angrily for something they have done wrong). They sit in front of the TV and suddenly she remembers that ...
grading adverbs
a little, dreadfully, extremely, fairly, hugely, immensely, intensely, rather, reasonably, slightly, unusually, very
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