Take - Collocations

Definition Cards (take):

it takes - Paraphrase the sentence: She knows everything to succeed in this business. (She's got what it takes.)

it took us - We spent 3 long ours sitting in the bus before we reached our destination. (It took us 3 hours to reach our destination by bus)

take notes - Shall I write anything down? (Shall I take notes? Do I need to take notes?)

take a photo of - When was the last time you used your camera? (When did you last take photos?)

take it seriously - There's no reason to think it's very important. (There's no reason to take it seriously.)

take after - She's the spitting image of her father. (She takes after her father ... in looks)

take off - I've never flown a plane before. Some people say it's scary when it starts to go up. (Some people say it's scary when it's taking off.)

take off - It's so hot in here. I think I don't need my jacket any more. (I think I'd better take it off.)

take place - When did it happen? (When did it take place?)

take your time - Why are you always in a hurry, man? (Take your time, man.)

take care of - Can you deal with that customer over there? He seems interested in buying that Ferrarri.(Can you take care of that customer over there?)

take part - The teacher made it clear that everyone should speak during the discussion. (The teacher explained that everyone should take part in the discussion.)

take a seat - In Russia we say "there's no truth in the feet, so you'd better sit down." (so you'd better take a seat)

take up - I started smoking when I was at school. (I took up smoking when I was at school.)
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