Brain Myths (And Facts)!

brBrain Myths (And Facts)!: "

The next time you are asked to swap that computer game for a crossword puzzle, remind your parents that according to really smart scientists, the former will be more effective in making your brain 'smarter'!

This is just one of the facts revealed in a new book called 'Welcome to your Brain: The Science of Jet Lag, Love and other Curiosities of Life', written by neuroscientists Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang.
Here are some other fun facts vs.myths revealed by Sandra and Sam in their book.

Myth or Fact? - You can't tickle yourself!

Fact - Your brain focuses on what's going on around you and ignores all those thousands of messages that are constantly being sent by your own body.
Myth or Fact? - Yawning wakes you up!
Fact - Remember this one the next time your teacher/parent accuses you of not paying attention just because you let out a big YAWN! - Since a yawn actually opens up the windpipe and allows more oxygen into your blood system, it is your body's way to try become fully alert!
Myth or Fact? - Doing a crossword puzzle or playing Suduko is better for the brain than playing soccer
Myth - Playing soccer or just any kind of physical activity helps to increase the oxygen level and glucose in the brain neurons, which in turn help the brain function better!
Myth or Fact? - Blind People can hear better
Myth - blind people do not hear any better than people with sight, but, they do remember more because they can't use their sight as a backup.
Myth or Fact? - Computer Games are good for you
Fact - This is the one we know you will like the best! We live in a world where there is a lot of stuff going around us and hence requires multi-tasking. Computer games, especially the fast action-packed ones, allows the brain to practice reacting and absorbing multiple things at one time, and are therefore good for you.

Myth or Fact ? - A bigger Brain is a better Brain
Myth - A bigger brain doesn't mean you are smarter. Rather, intelligence is determined by the spaces between the brain cells, which change constantly as your grow.
Myth or Fact ? - Listening to Mozart will make you smarter than listening to Hannah Montana

Myth - The kind of music you listen to will have no bearing on how smart you will be - however, playing a musical instrument will definitely help your brain!
So play your action-packed computer games, hang out on the soccer field as long as your heart desires, beat those drums as loud as you can and YAWN as much as you want - it'll all make you smarter! Who says Science is boring?
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