Speaking of Stereotypes ...

Stereotypes are becoming more and more obsolete. Of course, there'll always be things associated with a certain country. Speaking of Russia, the most common stereotypes are (predominantly):
1. Vodka
2. Babushkas
3. Putin
4. Beautiful Russian brides who would do chores, massage your toes, raise your babies and all that for a trifle, ....  in exchange for a formality of taking them abroad to live with you .... but what happens if, by some twisted irony of fate, these Russian brides stay to rot at home and get married to Russian dudes. This (currently becoming obsolete ... sorry for the pun) stereotype is perfectly summed up in the following article.
* I've added a touch of Russiousness (= words are meant) to it just to make it a tad more lucid:

An elderly Russian woman (ну как элдерли, у нас процентов 80 после 40 уже элдерли) may face charges for beating up her much younger husband (у нас такая поговорка есть про 45 и ягоды... по ходу после заморозки) after he showed interest in a neighbor woman (мужчины они везде полигамны).
    Вот тут кстати сразу приготовьтесь! (Strap your seatbelts, dudes)

The Moscow Times reports that the 98-year-old wife beat her 78-year-old common-law husband (вот молодеж пошла! Замуж не хотят.) with a pan (= a thing to make blini and pelmeni on) in a fit of jealousy over his supposed interest in their neighbor. (Just imagine Matrix, in slow-motion)

The woman's husband struck back by hitting his wife with a rolling pin (любви все возрасты покорны А.С. Пушкин), injuring her hand (Love hurts). It was unclear if he was injured.
(pic.: Looking into his eyes! He is a liar.)

P.S. In this picture what do you think the woman is pressing against the old man's back to make him smile?

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