Words to be used this week

To memorise these vocabulary items I will use them at least 3 times this week when speaking to my foreign friends:

1. To swamp
2. to flesh out
3. rain check
4. goose egg
5. meat-and-potatoes issues
6. Right on the money!       
    Right on cue
7. can't hold a candle to smb/sth
8. sell sb (oneself) short
9. to be quite in line with smth
10. bleeding edge technology
11. plain-spoken
12. cheap shot (verbal)
13. crotchety
14. ankle-biter (AuE)
15. fly off the handle
16. duck soup
17. do sth until you're blue in the face
18. be up to scratch
19. bounce off
20. send someone to coventry
21. a large coterie of friends and family
22. three sheets to the wind
23. outsource

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