Do you love your pet?

Allan and Scott Roach lived with 178 cats that stank so badly of urine it was hard to breathe. (не понятно почему? Кошки ж ведь вроде чистоплотные животные!?!)
But finally, after two years, Allan Roach (таракан???) has made his first court appearance on 20 charges related to animal neglect. When officers got into the Roach's home two years ago, the air was so rank it made their eyes water (очевидно тронули котята ребят милиционеров до слёз).
   Some of the cats were missing patches of hair, and some had eye infections or were missing eyeballs (хозяин любил коктейли в блендере делать наверное). One cat was so malnourished that its tongue stuck out even with its mouth closed (ну тут, конечно, ясно что котик был анорексиком или анорексичкой). Some cats were wrapped in tin foil in the freezer (а что? Как иначе их хранить?).
The case was turned over to the District Attorney, and charges were filed earlier this year after the case languished due to various bureaucratic missteps(в этом городе не только Аллан и Скот Тараканы кошечек любили). Allan Roach told the court last week that Scott Roach has died since the charges were filed. ('Нет больше брата! Кошки довели! А он ведь их так любил!'Аллан ') Their home has been torn down. (by a cat woman?)
Allan Roach faces a possible nine months behind bars on each of the 20 counts against him. He's due back in court Sept. 20.

Reading Comprehension Questions:
1. Allan and Scott Roach liked which animals:
a. cockroaches
b. in-laws, their referred to their in-laws as pets and kept them in their home for medical purposes
c. cats and dogs
d. cats and piranhas
e. cats

2. How would you best discribe the situation the animals found themselves in
a. It's like a paradise! So many pussies in here.
b. I do like this mountain resort!
c. A complete fuck-up.
d. ___________________________________________ (express your opinion  in the comments below)
P.S.  SEE Allan and Scott's favourite dish HERE    Meow!

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