Найди правильный заголовок.

For each news item find a suitable title. Mind there’s one odd title which I’ve made up to complicate the whole thing.
  1. No Fun for Scottish Addicts

  2. The Old World Ways Meet Modern Law


  4. D.Bill of a Robber

  5. Seemed Brilliant At The Time

  6. "Warning! No walking into walls. They will not move for you"

  7. 90 per cent of all male chatters are pedophiles

  8. It Was A Pleasure Having You Stay At Our Hotel, NOT!

1) A 17-year-old Amish boy was charged with Driving Under the Influence, reckless operation, and underage drinking when he ran his horse and buggy into a police car.

2) Complete with mask and gun, a Dresden, Germany, man entered a building that used to be a bank and left only after people finally convinced him that they didn't work in a bank, according to police.

3) A man sneaked past security at SeaWorld in Florida, hid in the park until after closing, jumped into the Killer Whale tank where the 5 ton killer whales lives, and drowned after suffering hypothermia. He was wearing only his underwear. The man's parents sued the park for "several million dollars" because the park didn't post a sign warning people that jumping into a tank of 50 degree F water with a 5-ton killer whale could cause injury.

4) An Egyptian olive merchant tried selling green olives as the more expensive black olives by dying the green olives black using shoe polish, according to police who confiscated 15 tons of dyed black olives.

5) A woman who took a dip in a hotel pool panicked when she couldn't find her gold wedding ring. So, staff put on snorkels and dived in, finding nothing. They then emptied the thousands of gallons of water from the pool, still finding nothing, according to the embarrassed woman who found her ring later at home next to her telephone.

6. The Scottish Daily Record reported that a bungling drug smuggler ended up trading $4.25 million worth of cocaine for an elderly woman's undies. He had picked up the wrong bag from the airport conveyor and left behind what turned out to be the largest seizure of illegal drugs in Scotland's history.

7) In Laohekou, China, a man on a motorcycle pulled up in front of a woman standing outside a bank with a bag in her hands, grabbed the bag and took off. It turned out that the bag contained dog poo (the woman had just picked up after her dog).

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