Больные Люди

Sisters keep dead mum in fridge - for ten years
  • Гробовщик, сотрудник похоронного бюро
  • Раскошеливаться (выкладывать деньги) (2 фразовых глагола)
  • хранить в холодной заморозке
  • похоронное бюро
  • церковь при похоронном бюро
  • неестественный, ненормальный, причудливый, странный, эксцентричный
  • Это вызывает опасения.
  • Вскрытие показало ...
  • закупорка кровеносного сосуда
  • полученные данные, добытые сведения
  • сгнивать
  • бальзамирование

Two sisters have kept their dead mother in an undertaker's fridge for ten years - so they can visit her every weekend.
Josephine and Valmai Lamas could not bear to bury mum Annie after she died in 1997, aged 84.
Instead, they have shelled out more than £13,000 to keep her in cold storage at a funeral parlour.
Josephine, 59, of Chiswick, West London, and Valmai, 52, of nearby Harrow, make separate weekly visits to sit with Annie in the parlour's chapel.
The Sun quoted a family source as saying: "Enough is enough... They don't seem to think what they're doing is in any way bizarre. But it's disturbing."
A post mortem examination revealed Annie died from an embolism but the sisters were unhappy with the findings.
They have paid £20 a week to keep Annie in the fridge at undertakers G Saville & Sons of Wembley, North West London.
They have also coughed up more than £2,000 on five wooden coffins - as four have rotted away over the years. And a further £800 has been spent on make-up.
Funeral director Phillip Saville said: "There are no laws saying people can't keep a corpse for years after registering the death, though it is normal to bury the body after just two weeks."
Valmai would say only: "I have always been a very private person and I am not interested in discussing any issues of my life."

Запомню назло всем:

Фразовые глаголы, передающие значение “отдвать бабло, раскошеливаться, спускать лаве”.

Shell out - How much have you shelled out for this car? (отдаем горы бабок по собственному желанию)
Cough up – You'll have to cough up quite a sum to be let in. (отдаём горы бабок нехотя)
Fork up (out) – Don't expect me to fork up out of pity. Sue me first. (тоже, что и cough up)

Задание:В этом выпуске вы познакомились с фразовыми глаголами, означающими процесс “раскошеливания”. Скажите, отличается ли от них по значению глагол waste away?

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