Безбашенные старички!

Octogenarians divorce over affair

divorce – разводиться
a mistress - любовница (OLD-FASHIONED)
voluntary - добровольный
A German woman, aged 83, has divorced her 81-year-old husband after 60 years of marriage because he was caught having sex with his mistress at work.
George Meister met his lover, who is 30 years his junior, while doing voluntary work at an animal breeding centre.

quickie - нечто, сделанное быстро
pull the curtains – задёрнуть занавески
expose - делать видимым, обнажать; показывать, выставлять на показ
antics - нелепые выходки

The affair was exposed when they forgot to pull the curtains while having a 'quickie' in one of the centre's offices.
His wife Ruth who was told about her husband's antics threw him out of their home and he has now moved in with his younger lover who lives just two doors down the road.

Allied bombs = бомбардировка союзных сил
Exist - существовать
The divorce court heard the couple had met over 60 years ago as Allied bombs fell on Bonn and have since raised three children together.
Mrs Meister said: "I had a good husband and he was a good father but that man does not exist any more.
"It's a sad end for us, but I showed no mercy. I just threw him out. I see them kissing on the streets and it is disgusting."

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