Poor fella!

Arrange the four paragraphs in the right order (the article starts with D ). If you do it correctly, you should get a four-letter word which means a person who behaves very awkwardly in social situations or simply a stupid person.

Mugged three times in an hour
(D) A German man who was mugged in a night club was mugged again two more times while waiting for the police.
(K) As he leaned back against the wall to recover, another five men approached him and again threatened him, stealing his jacket and the last of the small change.
(R) He called police from outside the club using a friend's mobile, but while he waited for them to arrive he was approached by three other men, who stole his watch and cigarettes.
(O)Reiner Hamer, 27, from Oberhausen, lost his wallet containing £120 and his mobile phone when three men attacked him in the toilet of his local night club.

to mug (mugged)  - to attack someone and rob them in a public place
to recover (recovered) - to get better after an illness, accident, shock
to steal (stole) - to take something that belongs to someone else


  1. You said you are a plumber& Good job!
    A plumber who has Latin is a better plumber than one who does no.
    Enoch Powell

  2. The only problem is the plumber who knows Latin doesn't know sh** about plumbing.
    Alexander Zabolotsky ;)