Быть мужем не просто!

Сегодня задание будет самым заурядным! Open the brackets and use the verb in the right tense form. (Hint: there’s an answer key after the article)

Woman stabbed husband for refusing sex

An Argentinian woman has been arrested for stabbing her husband because he (not have) sex with her.
The 52-year-old, from Buenos Aires, (stab) her husband in the back but he (be not) seriously injured.
She police she (spend) the day trying to get him into bed but he (ignore) all of her hints.
The woman (say): "I (wear) a G-string and high heels in the house but he (not notice), I could not stand this.
"I got really mad and I stabbed him."
The husband (go) to the police station to lodge a complaint before going to hospital where he (be treated) for minor injuries.
A police spokesperson (say): "She did not think she did anything wrong, she (keep) saying that he was her husband and that he (have to) fulfill his obligations and that because he didn't she had the right to punish him."


did not have sex, stabbed, was not, told, had spent, had ignored, said, wore, did not notice, went, was treated, said, kept, had to

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